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Samen tv-kijken op de bank, alleen ondergedompeld in een film of ’s avonds laat nog een serie kijken op je tablet in bed?

Wat je tv-voorkeuren ook zijn: bij Canal Digitaal zie je heel veel zenders op heel veel schermen.

People living with HIV want to feel safe, comfortable and have a long and productive life.

It is the pre-scheduled, usually exclusive meetings of two people with mutual interest in one another, to communicate with and to understand each other better via joint participation in social activities during time away from work or school.

Vous vous demandez surement ce que c’est que le Multi Chat avec webcam non ?

An HIV positive person must be able to trust the person they share their status with.

Social media has changed the way people come together. Meeting online is a safe and effective way to form relationships. The site provides a wealth of information that assists HIV positive individuals. Bringing couples together is only one aspect of the website.

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