Facebook dating center

At the moment, you're not able to set a location somewhere else, say if you're travelling.So it's actually based on where your physical location is at the moment and the proximity within a certain mile range, which you can change here. And they'll also do the Secret Crushes Feature that is coming soon.You're gonna have your regular Facebook profile that all your friends and family can see, and then there's also a separate dating profile.

“Over 200 million people currently list themselves as single on Facebook and we think that a good percentage of those would be interested in dating.”We’ll soon find out. or elsewhere.) Ahead of the Facebook Dating's debut, here’s everything we know about it so far.

Even though it's still within Facebook, Dating operates as a separate entity to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the sharing someone is already doing with their family and friends.

In keeping with this thinking, you will create an entirely new profile for the service.

After dealing with a major breach of user privacy in the first few months of 2018, Facebook made an unexpected announcement in May: The platform would delve into one of the most personal parts of someone’s life — dating.

While relationships have been an intrinsic part of Facebook since the early days — before there was Insta-official, there was Facebook official — the timing of the announcement seemed unusual.

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