Fetish female chatbot speed dating ft worth

Note: This story is fetish oriented and considers possible future robot human relationships, where shy people can better express themselves.They also learn things about themselves that they did not expect to.She had on black leather boots with 6" high vamp heels that made her tower over me. " As attractive as she was, I was mesmerized by her boots. The robot had huge blue bedroom eyes that looked playful as she spoke," I wore my boots for you! " I stuttered, "Uh." Alexia giggled musically and gently cupped my face with her gloved hands as she gave me a soft kiss on the lips. She placed them down next to my robe and then spoke, while pointing at my throbbing manhood.

I had secret fetishes that I was too shy to share with other people. I received a follow up call the next day on my cell phone in the early morning.I was enchanted with Pod's clothing and was mesmerized as I watched her shiny above the knee equestrian boots skillfully controlling the gas pedal and brake.Also the gloves were operating the controls so gingerly, even sensually that my erection quickly grew.The oddest thing about this chauffer was the face and head.There was the black derby, resting on a head that was as smooth as black porcelain, matching the color and luster of the tall boots.

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