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Keywords: Media law, Pornography, Bulgaria Citation: Ibroscheva, E. Bulgaria: regulating pornography in the new digital realities.

Testing is a key part of combating HIV and AIDS: people who do not know they are positive will not get access to treatment to preserve their own health and may also put partners at risk.“People don’t get tested because of stigma,” said Ivan Dimov of Single Step, the LGBT youth charity behind the project. Going to a testing facility outside of Sofia in a way equates to revealing to that small community that you live in that you are gay.” HIV infections are falling across the world, but eastern Europe is bucking the trend - there, the annual number of new HIV infections has roughly doubled over 20 years.In Bulgaria, the number of gay and bisexual men being infected is rising by nearly a third year-on-year, showed data from the health ministry presented at a conference last week.This study offers an overview of the legal and cultural discourse surrounding pornography in the newest European Union member state, Bulgaria.With the collapse of communism, pornography became one of the fastest and most sought after media imports, a staple of street culture and late night entertainment.

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