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It was a bit frustrating though because I would create a great Dare video with no option to save it and then it is gone forever.I already did the dare and there is no proof, and anyone who has played truth or dare knows that having to redo a really good dare can be something you might not want to try.Snap Dare is a really fun way to play Truth or Dare with friends who you already Snapchat or text with frequently, and could potentially be a way to get to know new friends quickly and with humor.I recommend this app for people who like Snapchatand a nostalgia for one of their favorite childhood games, Truth or Dare.The game is similar to "Truth or Dare" - but without the "dares".Every round there is a "Never Have..." question asked . We have 1010 "Never Have" question in our online game.It requires i OS7 or later, is optimized by i Phone5 and compatible with the i Pod touch and i Pad.

When you are playing the game at a party with your friends you can print out the game list or try our mobile app!

I invited my friend to play with me and he accepted. Some of the automated truths and dares are a bit too tame but you can write in your own if you want to challenge your friends more.

To send proof of the dare you can send back a photo or video with text.

Sometimes it's distracting, but maybe I'm too critical. You know from the beginning what's going to happen... a horror movie, so..everyone made everything right in horror movies, half of them wouldn't exist, but I just couldn't stop thinking why they behaved the way they did...

Snap Dare is a social networking app modeled after the classic sleepover party 'Truth or Dare'.

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