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And when something like that happens, it is perfectly acceptable to react by crying in the privacy of your bedroom, wearing the same ratty sweatpants for three days straight, and gorging on pizza-flavored Combos while binge-watching Buffy on Netflix.

It is not acceptable, however, to sulk, whine, glare, sling accusations of dishonesty, and generally make life so miserable for an otherwise happy couple that they have to take their relationship underground. And with that in mind, I don’t think the problem is with you, or your relationship, or your general level of decency.

She gets very sulky if we’re so much as in the same room together, and she has accused me of being dishonest.

So, with that in mind, here’s my suggestion to you: Take your friend aside, and tell her that you’re sorry for her unhappiness, and that you came by this relationship honestly and with no intention of hurting her—but that she’s right, you love him, and you were wrong to try to hide that truth from her or treat her like she couldn’t handle it.

Basically, heartbroken or not, this girl’s behavior is inexcusable—not to mention inexplicable, since she was apparently a) not in a monogamous relationship with this guy, b) not present during the six months that his relationship with you comprised, and c) not even a close enough friend to be in touch with either of you while she was away, such that she didn’t find out about your romance until she’d gotten back. But terribly upset, to the point of sulking and sabotage? I think the problem is that your so-called friend came back from wherever she was with a red-alert case of The Crazy.

That is, unless there’s something you’re not telling me — or, perhaps, something your boyfriend isn’t telling you.

I don’t necessarily think it’ll last forever, but he makes me very happy right now.

The problem is that when we started to be FWB, he was also spending time with another girl, a mutual friend.

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