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It bears strong similarities to the zemi carvings of Yocahu, the supreme being of Taíno culture and this may be evidence that the petroglyph was created by people of Saladoid culture which evolved in Taíno further north.

The country has some 18 recordedrock art sites distributed mainly in river valleys near the coast. Vincent and the Grenadines is in the form of petroglyphs engraved or rubbed on isolated boulders and exposed rock faces largely composed of andesite.

One site is on a south coast peninsula and one in a rock shelter. What is most remarkable about Vincentian rock art sites is that they embody features characteristic of Antillean Petroglyphs on the one hand whilst also having shapes typical of mainland South America on the other. Vincent rock art depicts many features common to both parts of the Caribbean and indeed rock art sites throughout the world.

These features include many small, simple, anthropomorphic faces together with cup holes, polissoirs and patterns of geometric grooves.

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