How to protect yourself with online dating speed dating manila december 2016

First, never share personally identifiable information before you meet in person, in a public place of course. Fraudsters are prowling online dating sites in their search for people to scam, according to the FBI.Once they feel they have your trust, they request money for an unexpected medical emergency or legal fee. Take a look at their social profiles on facebook and Linked In. Make sure their story matches their profile regarding where they live, what they do for work, family status, vacations, pictures, etc...Long distance relationships do happen, but if you're actually looking for an offline relationship, the long distance online relationship is unlikely to turn into a real life local one.

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Rarely do online scammers want to show their real identity. No matter the circumstance it's odd for someone you recently met to ask you for money. In fact, some wait for weeks or months after developing an intense relationship with you to ask for money.

Do you continue to live like married roommates, or do you leave your husband and start a new life?

It's not an easy decision - especially when you know divorce isn't always worth the emotional pain, family heartache, or financial devastation.

According to the FBI, last year alone some 15,000 people lost over 0 million in Romance scams.

Scammers use your social media profiles to establish a relationship quickly.

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