Im dating an au pair and christian book dating my daughter

There is no way I want an AP (to whom my DD inevitably looks up each year) openly presenting herself that way if there is any chance DD will see it. I have not matched with girls whose public online profiles fit into this category and I surely would not accept it as a new-found habit after I matched. An au pair is supposed to make your life better, not more dangerous. She has had a stalker in the past during her time with us (we needed to change her tel number for her). Also, in addition to asking her to take down the pic our daughter (which she did), I’ve a also asked her to take down the pic where our license plate number can be clearly read. In the future though I agree I its good to screen public accounts, but in her case the photos became racier as the year progressed. In all seriousness, we have an item in our handbook that says no posting pics of the host kids on any online site or social media.Our AP has been respectful of this and asked questions to clarify that it's ok to send a few pics to her family by text or have our kids say hi during video chats with her parents.DD's school actually had an officer come in and do a presentation to kids and a separate one for parents. Our au pair's Instagram account is filled with racy/suggestive photos of her taken in her bedroom at our house and around DC and on other adventures in her au pair year with us (it's been 9 months). I don't use instagram but I was able to see all the photos without being "friends" with her or "following" her -- they seem to be 100% public.Snapchat updated their app a year or two ago to include location sharing.. This makes me uncomfortable, and I read somewhere that exact geographic coordinates can be extracted from Instagram photos taken with a smartphone. Also, there is one photo of my daughter on her acct, which is an innocent photo but I'm not happy in general about that. She can do what she pleases with her own pictures, even if you don't like it.You can find people in other social Apps like snap chat or dating Apps..:check her phone for tinder or other ones like that - if she is using those she is most likely a pretty loose girl. However there's no way she should put a pic of your daughter there and I'd ask her to remove it.And advise her to keep her instagram private for more didn't exist previously but after that update, you had to go in and turn off location sharing b/c otherwise it defaulted to share your location). And I have cameras in my home, etc— so it’s hard to offend me. She's young and if she wants to show how cute she is etc, that's none of your business.

I am very grateful toward my parents who have given me the best such as manners, education and taught me and my 4 siblings to struggle our objectives forward.

I can even see some girls a year or two older than her starting with the bikini pix while pouting and looking off to the side pix (ew). The fact she is continuing to put herself out there is a liability to you and your family.

We talk (DD and I) about what kind of image that presents. I would not hesitate one second and definitely rematch.

You can find people in other social Apps like snap chat or dating Apps..:check her phone for tinder or other ones like that - if she is using those she is most likely a pretty loose girl.

For safety reasons, my APs must turn off the location feature of all social media apps - I make this clear up front (you can do this via settings - find the app and put location for that app to "never"). It is recommended by law enforcement for everyone to do this. It’s not super safe and it’s kind of gross, but with so little time left, I would just let it go.

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