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Plus, we have a pre-written Discount Email template ready for you to use. Goal: Keeping your unhappy customers from going nuclear Great For: Small companies that don’t have a dedicated support staff How do you feel when something expensive breaks? All you’re doing in a support email is letting the customer know you got their message, saying you’re sorry something’s wrong and providing a window when they should hear back from you.This email is key because it makes the customer feel like they’ve been heard.And if you set up a support email in Auto Responder, they’ll get an email within a minute.Click here to get the Support Email template plus the other 9 templates in this guide.And when you create that email in Auto Responder, we automatically send that email for you That’s what Friendly’s did with their 50% off ice cream (and whatever an ice cream beverage is).You’re not going to buy a scoop of ice cream online, so it makes sense to turn your discount into redeemable in-store. If your visitor opted-in to a discount, it means they’re ready to buy NOW. And that company ends up on your shit list for the rest of time.Sending an email that fast It’s all confusing, expensive and time-consuming, and you don’t have time for that. It’s the busy person’s solution to being an email master (minus the years of struggling to learn).Whenever someone opts in to your list via our List Builder 3 tool, we automatically send them an email in Auto Responder.

The conversation doesn’t start without that first email.Check out these two scenarios: It’s nothing fancy (and honestly, they could benefit from adding an expected response time in there).But it hits your inbox within two minutes of submitting your complaint.That subscriber gave you their email address because you’re so gosh darn interesting. It sets the tone and tells the reader what they can expect from Electric Objects. If you’re new to automated emails, this email is an easy win that sets you up for more emails in the future. I built a Welcome Email template into Auto Responder. Goal: Deliver the content upgrade to the subscriber Great For: Blogs or sites giving away an extra piece of content in exchange for email addresses Wanna know how we built an email list of hundreds of thousands at Sumo? They’re freaking gold, and they’re one of the best ways to build your list, too. If you are, I’ve got a question for you…How are you delivering your content upgrades? Nothing more than a headline and a brief few sentences explaining what to do.And, like any email in this list, it’s better to send any email (no matter how simple) than no email. I doubt you’re hunched over the computer, constantly hitting “refresh” and personally sending them to anyone that opts-in to your list. The reader clicks the button and they’ve got the content upgrade.

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