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The i Pad was first introduced in January 2010 and made its debut in April 2010.

Since the original announcement, there have been 5 additional i Pad generations, a new "Mini" series of 7.9-inch i Pad tablets, and most recently, a 12.9-inch i Pad "Pro" and its smaller 10.5-inch counterpart.

The 12-9-inch display towers over the 9.7-inch i Pad air, and it makes the 7.9-inch i Pad Mini look like an i Pad Tiny. It includes Apple's latest A9X processor, which improves processing power by almost twice as much compared to the model in the i Pad Air 2.

This makes the i Pad Pro as fast or faster than most laptops.

Do you want to figure out if your i Pad is obsolete?

You can find the i Pad model number on the back of the case or in the Settings app under "General" from the left-side menu and "About" from the general settings.

The i Pad Mini 4 was announced during the unveiling of the i Pad Pro.The new i Pad Air doesn't have the Air 2's laminated screen and gains about a half an inch in thickness, although you probably couldn't tell the difference unless comparing the two side-by-side.The best new feature: the 9 entry-level price tag.The front camera is 7 MP and includes Apple's own Portrait mode and Lighting.Finally, Apple has switched out its standard Lightning cable for the more industry-standard USB-C.

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