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The contestants sang a cappella solos in groups of eight and the judges chose only a few of them to move on to group round that same night and for the first time, the producers picked the groups.

On the second night, the contestants performed solos.

It was also the first season in the show's history where all the finalists of one gender (male) were eliminated before any finalists of the opposite gender, thus making it the first to not only have an all-female top 5, but also the first season since the sixth to produce a female winner, as well as the first season since the third to have a finale consisting of two women.

It was also the first season where the judges did not use the "Judges' Save" since its introduction in the eighth season.

In an attempt to refresh the show's audition process, new ways to audition were announced.The forty people who made it then faced the "sudden death" Las Vegas round and only twenty moved on.The contestants were divided into four gender-separated groups of ten, with the female groups airing on Wednesdays and the male groups airing on Thursdays between February 20 and 28.Unlike previous seasons, the groups in the group round were chosen by the producers, although each group was able to select a song from a list of twenty songs to perform.The males performed February 6 and 7 and the females performed February 13 and 14.

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