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Plus, learn some hacks to go undercover when the Cold-Blooded Hacker tries to swipe some bling.Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Rach Lerman Brooke and Kevin learn ways to game the system with parking, and the Lazy Cook returns with a recipe for bringing old mac and cheese back to life.Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Michael Aaron Carico Kevin and Brooke bring back a failed lawnmower hack, but will it work this time?Plus, Kevin tests cheese cutting hacks for your next charcuterie, and there's been a murder, murder mystery that is. Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Lisa Cole, Anthony Elias Contreras Kevin and Brooke find out that poo on the shoe isn't good luck, and Brooke tests some hacks for her pup.Stars: Drew Lewis, Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen Guest co-hostess Busy Philipps (Vice Principals (2016)); Kevin James (Kevin Can Wait (2016)); Chelsea Handler (Chelsea (2016)); Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat (2015)); Kevin Pereira (Hack My Life (2015)) shares food and drink hacks.Stars: Kelly Ripa, Busy Philipps, Kevin James, Chelsea Handler We're going to the future with Kevin as he lives out his hoverboard dream with Master Hacker Science Bob.

Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Josh Opper, Alice Bowden Kevin and Brooke test hacks for fighting the urge to sprinkle a little tinkle.Stars: Alex Corea, Erin Steeby Alex and Erin teach the Internet how to hide in plain sight, dig through their stockpile of VHS tapes to show some sick footage from the 1980s, and ask questionable questions to a couple of web-lebrities for prizes and punishments.Stars: Alex Corea, Erin Steeby Brooke and Kevin give tips on skipping a busy lunch line with a new Gaming the System hack, the Pitchman has some money-saving advice for your car, and ever wonder where high heels come from? Stars: Zachery Byrd, Jack Frederick, David Johnson, Adrienne Joyce Brooke and Kevin explore hacks that could save money on your cable bill, and Hack Master Kosta Grammatis helps Kevin fulfill his childhood laser-blast dreams.Stars: Alex Corea, Erin Steeby Brooke and Kevin demonstrate how to save money at the gas tank, and the Lazy Cook shows us a great way to get more bacon out of our BLTs.Plus, breaking up doesn't have to be so hard when you use these lessons from our Hack Hero!

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