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It's been three days since a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly.Confederate, Nazi, and other white supremacist flags were flown as these self proclaimed "alt right" groups protested the removal of a statue of General Robert E. A man with ties to neo-Nazi groups, James Alex Fields Jr., drove a car through a crowd and killed peaceful protester Heather Heyer.1998: Kid Rock gets signed to Atlantic Records and releases Devil Without a Cause, a mix of rap, hip-hop, and rock that spawned hits like "Cowboy" and "Bawitdaba." On the album cover, Kid Rock's hair is braided.2001: Kid Rock releases his fifth studio album, Cocky, and officially makes the switch to country rock.A spokesperson for Kid Rock tells the Free Press that getting the award humbled Kid Rock, and he quietly decided to stop displaying the Confederate flag at his shows.At the time, Kid Rock's reps said that he hadn't used the flag on stage in over a year before to the NAACP event.

2002: In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock is asked about his use of the Confederate flag and he defends his use of it as a symbol of Southern rock and rebellion.

We took a deep dive into Kid Rock's use of the flag, his relationship with the black community, and the debate whether or not Little Caesars Arena should drop the singer in wake of the Charlottesville tragedy — which he has yet to condemn.

1980s-1990s: Before he was known as Kid Rock, Bob Ritchie is known for leaving his parents home in Romeo, Mich., and learning how to DJ and perform at parties in urban areas like Mount Clemens and parts of Detroit.

But Detroit political consultant Sam Riddle pointed out an apparent hypocrisy within the organization in that it is allowing one-time Confederate flag-waver Kid Rock to perform a six-day stint at the team's new, publicly funded Little Caesars Arena in September.

Riddle and others questioned why Olympia Entertainment is allowing a singer who was once proud to wave a Confederate flag onstage to be the first performer at the arena in a city that is more than 80 percent black.

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