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In South Korea, great importance is attached to people.Together with the high level of education, the Republic of Korea has passed the agricultural and industrial society and transformed rapidly into an information society [4].Over the years, they have evolved from the culture, country’s geography, and traditions of the people of the Korean peninsula under various effects.To keep the body warm and healthy, the Koreans have developed fermented foods that improve metabolism. In near history, in 1948, it took the name of the independent Republic of South Korea with the proclamation of the republic.Both the form and the decorative motifs that characterize this type of pottery are unique to Korea.

Bitsalmunui Togi: the oldest pottery (bitsalmunui togi) is a simple “V”-shaped vessel, with a wide mouth and narrow base, and the entire surface is decorated with engraved lines and dots forming geometric patterns.With a surface area of 100,210 km, Korea, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, has a climate with four seasons [1].The Neolithic Age in the Korean peninsula is observed in 8000 BC.Exploratory factor analysis with a Varimax rotation was applied to identify dietary patterns using twenty-four food groups.Four distinct dietary patterns – ‘rice and Kimchi’, ‘shellfish and processed meat’, ‘pizza and drinks’ and ‘milk and cereal’ – were obtained.

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