Kylie is dating australian pop star cody simpson

The reality star was seen out with Aussie pop star Cody Simpson at The Grove this weekend!

The two walked together and were careful not to look too much like they're dating, but naturally the buzz today is that they're a hot new teen item.

Rob Kardashian — runner up in this past season of “Dancing With the Stars” — is also being groomed for his own series, according to reports.

Hammer called the extended Kardashian klan a “beautiful” and “interesting” family, but is acknowledging that their appeal — which has now been stretched over four different series — probably can’t go on forever.

The two reportedly met at the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" last week, where Kylie was interviewing stars on the red carpet.

Those Kardashian/Jenner girls don’t waste any time, do they?

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The “What Do You Mean” singer recently had an epiphany and realized that Selena had no interest in being with him, and was just using their relationship to promote her new album “Revival.” And, it looks like Justin was 100% right. Selena Gomez’s most recent interview was with New York Times, and it wasn’t long before she began discussing Justin Bieber – and reminding everyone that she used to date him. It would be great if she could sit down for just one interview, and not mention her ex-boyfriend.

Following in her older sisters’ footsteps — namely hooking up with other bold-faced names — Kylie is said to be dating Australian tween pop star Cody Simpson.

The Jenner sisters aren’t the only Kardashians who could be ripe for the reality show picking, though.

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