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The children were determined to look most similar to their biological fathers.Read: Stay-at-home dads are reshaping American masculinity This seems like it makes sense, at least within a certain retrograde framework.But subsequent studies couldn’t replicate this result.“It's a very sexy result, it’s seductive, it’s what evolutionary psychology would predict—and I think it’s wrong," the psychologist Robert French, of the National Center for Scientific Research, in France, told Researchers stayed curious about this question.One study found that after fathers did a massage exercise with their infants, they rated the infants as looking more similar to them.“Just spending intense and positive time with your infant could change how you perceive their facial cues,” says Volk, who was one of the authors.“The infant’s face doesn’t change because of the time spent, so this is really something changing in how the father’s brain perceives his infant.”So perhaps resemblance can be earned. I was shocked to see my daughter when I gave birth.

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“The problem is that a child’s biological and social fathers are not necessarily the same person.”Overall, “the evidence is slightly in favor [of babies looking like their dads],” says Steven Platek, an evolutionary psychologist who studies this topic.

“Independent of whether the baby actually looks like Dad is the perception that the baby shares resemblance with Dad,” Platek told me.

Platek said I should be happy that seemingly everyone I know thinks my child looks like my husband.

But this avenue begins to quantify the role of involved fathers.

Indeed, one interesting result of this research is the finding that a father’s perception of whether a child resembles him can change based on the amount of time he spends with the child.

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