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The DV Act established the Family Protection Authority, a special body mandated with implementing the law; it also defines roles for the health and gender ministries, police, courts, local councils and health care providers, to support survivors and bring perpetrators to justice.Maldives needs an attitude adjustment Why is violence against women so prevalent in a country that identifies so strongly with Islam — a religion based on peace, compassion and mercy?Scholars argue that violence is not among the values exemplified by our Prophet Muhammad — and therefore it is not Islamic.Research links violence against women with unequal power relations between men and women.Such social exclusion found Samiya living an insular existence in her final months: She literally lived in an abandoned house on her own island.

Several civil society organizations have cropped up to offer services.Each have a mandated duty to serve and ensure justice for domestic violence victims.When Thinadhoo’s hospital failed to meet Samiya’s needs, the emergency room at Malé’s Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital proved no better — despite operating a Family Protection Unit, a special department set up to help victims of domestic violence.When under-age rape victims seek services, what they receive instead is blame, rather than care and protection.While providers bear a moral and legal duty to care for victims of domestic violence, too often their failures go unquestioned.

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