Microsoft synchronization services updating client database

WSUSSetup.log: The status of each of the component installations performed during WSUS setup is logged to this file.You can check this log to see whether any of the component installations failed.In this post, I’ll be discussing an issue where the Server Cleanup Wizard for WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 2 times out when attempting to delete computers that have…

Read more ~ Author: Moni R S Hello Everyone, my name is Moni and I am a Support Engineer in the Windows Devices and Deployment team here at Microsoft.Yesterday we released security updates to provide additional protections against malicious attackers.As a best practice, we encourage customers to apply security updates as soon as they are released.All Windows Internal Database installation/uninstallation information is logged to this file.Check the %windir%\Windows on the client computer to see if there has been any activity or any attempts to contact the server, such as cached server pingbacks.

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