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For Moto3, escape is impossible, the race coming down to tactics and the ability to pick the right slipstream.In Moto2, it is possible to get away, but it's equally possible to chase an escaped rider down.Lorenzo's punishing cardio workout schedule now back on track and paying dividends.The fitness he lost when three operations during the off season forced him to abandon his normal training schedule cost him dearly.It took the return of the real Jorge Lorenzo to light a fire under the Moto GP race.

Adjustments to set up made the bike a little less nervous, a tire that gave him a better feeling at the hot, grippy track of Mugello than it had at circuits with cooler track temps, and revisions to the Yamaha that have greatly improved braking performance.

That proved impossible, with Marc Marquez soon slotting in behind Lorenzo after dispensing with a feisty Iannone.

For a long while it looked like we were in for another Marquez masterclass, with the championship leader waiting for his moment to strike. Marquez was having trouble just matching the pace of Lorenzo, especially on new tires.

Even the addition of 340mm brake discs helped, though it was much more in consistency than in performance.

All that, combined with his improved fitness, gave Lorenzo the edge he had been looking for.

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