Moms rules for dating

When Laura and Jeff Solomon were dating, they concocted chance meetings as a way to familiarize their kids.

“Women are more likely to emotionally separate from a marriage when they’re in it, so when the actual divorce occurs, that may be years after they emotionally separate.

“I was the one who did the leaving, so I was ready to move on.

It is such a bizarre thing to date with a kid – everybody has their baggage.

At the time of interview, seven years since his divorce, Singer had only introduced his son to two women, neither of whom he ended up marrying.

“In both cases, (I introduced him only) when I was sure that I was going to maintain a long-term relationship,” Singer says. The West Bloomfield mom of nine (seven of her own plus two stepsons) cringes about how many men her husband’s ex has traipsed through their boys’ lives.

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