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I recall one happily married 80-year-old man eyeing his wife of sixty years lovingly and saying: “She may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is to me! Desperation is not a good strategy It’s just a date.

If the other person is put off by you saying ‘the wrong thing’, then they weren’t dating material for you anyway.

Share some laughs as we share awkward, first date stories – and chances are, you’ll find a piece of your story in ours.

Tune in and learn helpful ideas you can put into action on your very next date – and find out how awesome things can come from our most awkward moments.

What’s interesting is it wasn’t images of hot men that got the guys feeling self-conscious – it was images of hot women that had an intimidating and self-esteem-lowering effect on men.

(2) Men find the homely shape of the girl-next-door more appealing than the ‘perfect’ proportions of models and centrefolds, according to an Australian Study.

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The more open you are to having a great time, even if the chemistry isn’t there, the more you can ensure you have a positively memorable time. She then fascinated Dave so much by relating lots of funny anecdotes about the ‘crazy day’ she’d just had that he plain forgot to be nervous at all, making any thoughts of ‘dating confidence’ a complete non-issue.

Remember your date is human, too Dave was so preoccupied by his own dating anxiety that he didn’t even stop to think that Kate might be anxious too.

Taking the burden off yourself and working to help the other person relax has a two-way benefit.

Research has also found that men prefer (at least for relationships) average girl-next-door-type women, rather than the super-beautiful (2).

So looks are important; but you don’t have to be intimidatingly beautiful.

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