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If you are crazy about your canine, a dog lovers dating website is the ultimate choice for you.This is a valuable tool for anyone who has a special puppy in his or her life.

Bill has lately been seeing the free-spirited dolly, whom he met online, along with a number of other ladies whose names his daughters can't quite keep track of. Meanwhile, at work, there's a new distraction—Bob Connor, the newly separated dad of one of her young students.

Eager to launch their sister's own cyber-dating debut, Carol and Christine pretend to be Sarah and post her profile on, with the enticing message, Voluptuous, sensuous, alluring and fun. Charming and relaxed, Bob seems made to order, the perfect guy--but is he just too good to be true?

These days, it can be difficult to not only find the perfect date, but the correct person to share your life with.

We are talking about people who simply love their animals and freely accept the unconditional love they have to offer.

Similar dating sites for pet lovers have been established in places like the US and UK for years, so it was only a matter of time before Australia got its very own sites.

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