Nexus s weather widget not updating

You can expand any of the stories on the page, and tap the arrow button to open the share dialog.Swiping left or right moves you between topics as you would expect.At least here in the United States, the app is compatible with every Android 4.0 device for all of our writers.There doesn't appear to be any other significant update just yet.

Each sub-section of Headlines contains three stories and a link to the larger topic. A tap on the headline will take you out to your browser app as usual, but expanding the story will give you the first couple of sentences, plus related news stories from a variety of sources, not unlike searching for something topical in a general Google query.

As a daily user of the "Genie" widget for more than four years, I've come to love its simplicity and flexibility.

The same basic layout is included, but the app visuals and design have been brought forward into the Kit Kat (and in some places, Android L) era.

Reminders widget wouldn't update/refresh - it was showing reminders that I had already deleted and NOT showing reminders that have just popped up.

News widget was showing news stories from last night that were definitely not still current (articles, headlines, etc.

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