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{dlnnnc.s ‘ in ^far^la:.'i J Mii-I:b.'iiri by iw cr A ftei. Mt Hf Orid 'rrf HHt V\i- tr UO’-' Sold Wailate tcoivu the giciic.'i Intimpt: i? a ^jokes- inan tor CUIA, which bar¬ gains for 840 ixmtrac Utrs, wasn't as optimlstk.

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will tie in Cameras, lay, 7-0 p.m : Friday, ti-t) ,m. VICTORIA 386-3322, (Toll Free Zanilh 6644), PRINCE GEORGE 563-0211 (Toll Free Zenirti 6414), KAI^LOOPS3T4-4141 (Toll Free Zeniin 6666, Use your Woodward's Charge Card to buy Summer needs now at Sale Pncas! 4 continued 'ti- stay -away tnini Uieir iv itlar su'usi- tute tor lus lorumlu in iues- day's telegram, hther than straight hegotiations. 5 miles from Parksv i Me idegi for ewnirner hida- rwey. 553 3355 LADYSMITH Treed lots .xeaview 2 acres plus.

Batteries not included " • - FUJICA COMPACT 35 (238) A compact,full Frame 35mm camera that features: auto, expo¬ sure control; manual over-ride tor flash; zone focussing, sharp F2 8 38mm l Ons.^With pouch case & wrist strap. 24.83 7x35 BINOCULARS (241) Same high quality as the above' model but more compact SALE Each 21.88 ■-Woodward s Cameras SALE PRICE I VANCOUVEft 684-&231: NEW WESTIdl NSTER 621-96)1, OAKRIDGE 261-3311 PARKROYAL 922-6111; GUILDFORD 568-2III, PORT ALBEfl NI 723-6641. ailer they liad lx en M*r\od with copies of the iiouii *i"n i-cii.iinng an end to Uic .tiiegcd stniv. TWO SECLUDED l-ACRE PAR- irffh Ire ‘ to Enoli Falls campsite. Ail cbequra to be madr payable' to the Minister of Klneact. '.'Oiler to Laeae Laut 4D0 Blwk .l Uy* Uie uadcrm Aeii James 11 Wb Jir.

Its wetness is based in England but the philippines headquarters are in Cape. We need to be interested that we think our popular bones, keep our.

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