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They are also known to have called a Jihad on the house of Windsor, thereby claiming their title as Wicca's most extremist and fundamentalist tradition!Unlike other branches of Wicca, Dianic Wicca believes in a devil, whom they call "Prince Charles".It's followers must adhere to very strict rules if they wish to be involved but the payoff is huge.They start by wearing massive amounts of green, and then attempt to have their whole home, it's furnishing and anything about it made green also.Dianic Wiccans like to sing hymns, mostly that annoying song by Elton John which can also be used in the worship of Marilyn Monroe.This is the most beautiful and the most authentic of all the Wiccan traditions.Followers of this religion worship the popular childrens book character named Harry Potter, and take the books of the author J.

Devised by a committee of Christians and Wicca who were attempting to put an end to the various lynching, duckings and death by spell casting that had plagued New Hampshire in the late 20th century.Similar to Christian Wicca, this is made up of ex-Wiccans turned Christian in England who are actually still Wiccans. Be prepared to have your eyes glaze over when they try to explain how they have integrated Jewish culture, Jewish beliefs, this Kaballah with its pillar system and mentioning a tree of life in there somewhere, and how it is related to Yahweh, yet also related to Wicca at the same time, even though a Goddess is not mentioned with the Kaballah, and is indeed forbidden in the Torah (no other deities before me etc etc).Even though they converted to Christianity, they hang out with Wiccans, have services where Wicca and Christianity are combined, and talk about Wicca stuff. Dreidel, drediel, dreidel (Jews) with a six-sided pentagram (and their stupid games). Other Jews may believe in both a God and Goddess, but believe that this is still part of God and thus allowed in the Torah, despite all traditions to the contrary. When asked their beliefs you may at first be confused and believe you have met a Jew with a speech problem, but they are in fact referring to themselves as a Jewitch(not to be confused with the Jewich aka The Ultimate Kosher Sandwich).The disadvantage of being a Christian Wicca of course, is that you will be shunned by both Christian churches who disagree with your interpretation of their Bible (which they deem a mockery), and Wiccans from other traditions, who find you completely bizarre.Blood and Meat Rituals The Blood Ritual is performed several times each year by Christian Wiccans.

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