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You can also purchase substitute sheaths if they are available for your Puma knife.

If you have any question which is not answered or insufficiently answered.

Multi-part Puma hunting pocket-knives like the 943 and 945 can only be repaired if they were manufactured after 1990.

The design of blades and springs was altered at that time.

In the case of repairs which are subject to payment, first you receive a cost estimate of the repairs, after receipt of payment the repair is carried out and your Puma knife is sent back.

Please understand that we do not accept any freight collect shipments.

Unfortunately, the new parts don't fit in the old knives any more.

Remaining stocks of the old blades and springs are not available either.

Is this true, that Puma knives have a lifelong guarantee? We don't sell any spare parts like blades, springs or scales which are basic components of a knife.

If the top of the blade has broken off or the blade shows gaps, the knife can be resharpened.

On most models of Puma folding knives the individual parts (blade, saw, corkscrew...) can be replaced.

The Puma SGB knives are made of the best materials, including genuine Stag, Micarta, Bone and Delrin handles.

All of our Puma SGB knives use Brass Bolsters and pins and are offered with high grade leather or leather trimmed/nylon ballistic cloth sheaths.

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