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It is much rarer when people get to know each other.

Ideally, when kicking off the set of new initiatives, you should have the project teams for all approved projects get together in a single location.

Three stories from my personal experience may help make the case…Choosing a benchmark research provider for NPS, CSAT or any other customer experience metrics I am trying to form my thoughts about what criteria are reasonable when deciding on a benchmark research provider. I welcome your additions and corrections.…Valentine’s Day classic blog – How to stay married – to your customers of course!

It was Valentine’s Day a few years ago, and I was puzzled by the results of some HP customer experience research. However, the results contradicted a lot of commonly-held beliefs about the behavior of unhappy customers in particular…Ricardo Saltz Gulko has put together this book list.

Here are my views on program kickoff meetings and the Speed Dating they should your first implementation meeting face-to-face.

This is particularly important in large organizations with people in multiple locations.

I have already demonstrated scientifically (last year) that employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction do not correlate, overall and across all industries.Surprise: operational excellence does not seem to matter much.Sometimes the best process is no process at all Continuous improvement is a common catchphrase.It combines what he considers to be the best books he has read in 2017 with his list of the best forthcoming books of 2018.I was pleasantly surprised to find our Ian often blogs about travel and hotel experiences.

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