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Disk Utility is even accessible from Recovery Mode, so you can partition your Mac’s hard drive without having to create and load up any special bootable tools.

To access the Disk Utility in mac OS, just press Command Space to open Spotlight search, type “Disk Utility” into the search box, and then press Enter.

Then follow the steps below: Boot Camp accommodates some space on the hard drive.

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However, to partition on Mac hard drive you need to run Disk Utility, regardless of the Operating system installed on the particular partition.

Another way that the Check Disk used to locate errors on C drive is by making a comparison of the volume bitmap with disk sectors being assigned to the files in the file systems.

Check Disk fails to perform repair operation on the files containing corrupted data, but structurally found intact.

When a partition is removed, added or resized via Windows setup, the details get updated in Master Boot Record (MBR).

This information doesn’t sync to GPT (GUID partition table) record.

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