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Mind Blown Out of nowhere, a pair of arms circled my chest, tugging me into the warmth behind Wes’s chin nuzzled into the space at my neck and shoulder “Beautiful, isn’t it?

” I let out a slow breath “It’s so much more than that.” Wes kissed my neck, the heat from his skin tingling against mine “I’m glad you like it, since this is going to be our home for the next two and a half weeks.” His voice was a rumble I could feel through my back and in every pore “I will not be complaining,” I said, still awed at Mother Nature’s beauty He chuckled “You say that now Let us remember how much you like snow in a few days when we’re digging our car out of it.” I pursed my lips, which wrinkled my nose Wes loved when I did that Even now he glanced at me, smiled, and turned to lay a kiss on my cheek “How about some breakfast?

” I asked As he was responding, a woman around my height exited She was lean, wrapped in a wicked cool leather jacket that went down to her knees and was tied with a belt at the waist A hot pink scarf floated in the breeze across her front, drawing immediate attention to her neck Her very familiar pitch-black hair in loose curls around her shoulders I squinted, trying desperately to see more of the woman’s face, but she was looking down into her bag “And they have the best eggs benedict…” I heard Wes’s words filter in and out of my mind but my focus was solely on the woman across the street A tingling sensation Her eyes narrowed as she put her elbows on her knees and plopped her head into her hands “No, it’s not too much to ask If it’s your dream, you have to fight for it, unless another opportunity you want more presents itself Did you talk to Tao about what you were planning for yourself?

” She sighed “Yeah, and he said that no woman of his was going to work unless it was with the family act.” “Well, they’re dancers, you could maybe…” She rolled her eyes and looked at me as though I’d just claimed Brad Pitt was at the front door ready to offer his baby making services “Right.” I let out a slow breath “Not exactly your style of dancing.” Ginelle cringed “Nope.” “But…Tao is your kind of man Is he worth giving that dream up for another one?

” “Well, there’s a tradition that says if you want to be with the one you love throughout the New Year, you must kiss her at the stroke of midnight.” I glanced at the clock It read “But it’s already after midnight.” He grinned “Oh, I was kissing you at twelve Right at the stroke of midnight, you were screaming not your first, but your second orgasm down my throat I swallowed it down whole.” “You’re twisted.” I shoved at him playfully, but he shifted just enough so that he was at my side He moved his hands over my body as though he were committing this moment to memory “You ready for later today?

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Oh, right His mother The suggestion she’d made, that the trick to the start of a good marriage was to abstain the night before your wedding Not to see the bride before she walked down the aisle There were a handful of stupid superstitious she’d spouted that all sounded good at the time Faced with a man who looked like Wes wanting to what he wanted to to me, things that would make me sing out his praises and reacquaint myself with the almighty above…those superstitions sounded more and more like folklore the longer his gaze held mine There was a fierceness in Wes’s body as he hovered over me Clad only in his boxers and a T-Shirt, he lifted one strong arm and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the iron chest for my viewing pleasure Not the chest No, not that I couldn’t win against the endless dips and lickable expanse of skin in front of me It wasn’t possible I’d traveled that road before It was rocky, jagged, and filled with spikes that blew out my proverbial tires Once I set my lips on that chest, on one single rock hard square of his abdomen…

the vineyards She has been married to the love of her life for over a decade and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis When she’s not writing wickedly hot romances, doing yoga, or sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and feeds the soul You can contact Audrey below: Email: [email protected]: Twitter Goodreads .. CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER BOOK 12 AUDREY CARLAN CONTENTS Calendar Girl: December Copyright Dedication Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter... Also by Audrey Carlan For the Readers Acknowledgments About the Author CALENDAR GIRL: DECEMBER This book is an original publication of Audrey Carlan This is a work of fiction...

To make sure I wasn’t going to pull a Runaway Bride on you?

” I asked, cuddling against his side “No, I’m confident in our love I just didn’t feel the need to be away from you We’ve had enough nights apart, don’t you think?

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