Satistics on college dating

They aren't faced with the daily trials and tribulations.They remember their loved one in a somewhat falsely positive manner.They overlook the negatives they would see in person.Relationship quality isn't based on geography, but on individual personalities. Rachel Moheban-Wachtel suggests making it a habit to have nightly talks. However, the worry it can cause can wreak havoc on a relationship. If you can't trust your loved one, your relationship may be doomed. Texting isn't enough to keep the relationship alive. Acronyms and emojis aren't the same as a real conversation. LDR couples aren't at any higher risk of a cheating on a significant other than close couples. Long distant relationship couples often have better communication. Loved ones want to hear the daily stuff; it helps them feel connected. Intimacy is complicated in a long distance relationship.

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It's after that honeymoon phase that things start to change.

Information designers David Mc Candless and Lee Byron compiled some interesting statistics on breakups that actually explain a lot.

The most intriguing of all the findings is summarized in the last graph, which delivers some positive and some negative news for all the lonely hearts out there.

A study between close couples and LDRs showed no difference between the relationships themselves.

The differences occurred between the individual personalities.

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