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We're now playing in theaters in front of #Angry Birds2 so get there early to check us out. Here are TWO amazing champions edifying and speaking life to one another. Here goes a clip from our animated short film #Hair Love.He sees the dissonance between where Sam Harris et al believe the human race be moving (a godless state of worry-free bus-riding) and where it actually appears to be moving as the source of insecurity among strident atheists, which expresses itself in bluster of the most alienating and embarrassing kind.As he writes in the conclusion, “what today’s freethinkers want is freedom from doubt, and the prevailing version of atheism is well suited to give it to them.” Ooof.Be sure to watch through the mark, when she talks about the Gospel of grace.My friend is babysitting my plants while I’m away and just had to tell her “this one is the most dramatic one out of them all, she wil pretend she’s dying for attention so don’t always fall for it” 😭😭 It's September. Reposting this as often as I possibly can considering our culture’s grossly depicted narrative of women and especially WOC fighting against each other.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

When they assert that science can bridge fact and value, they overlook the many incompatible value-systems that have been defended in this way.

To be sure, there is disagreement as to the nature of these values.

But pretty well all secular thinkers now take for granted that modern societies must in the end converge on some version of liberalism.

You wanted to say 'relationship', but he never asked you out. But you feel your actions have qualified you to be his girlfriend, so on a second thought, you spit it out. With those words, you cannot even justify your heart break.

For the first time since you started self-dating (Yes that's what you've been doing ) you question your senses and realize you have not been using them at all. You manage to carry what's left of your dignity (not quite much) as you leave his room.

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