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If this woman is around your significant other get her away as quickly as possible.I have never met a lower form of life ever I feel sorry for her children that she’s dragging different men in and out of her house constantly.She did everything in her power to maintain in contact with him after the fact and slowly turned it into what she called “a two year relationship”. She admitted she was the side b1tch as she cried all over social media for weeks when they “broke up”.Knowing full well he was in a long term relationship with children and all. All over a facebook post he made about he and i getting married.Likes to fuk her co-workers while her man gives her the world she demolishes his..fell in love with a taken man who had a baby on the way at the moment has no respect for others or herself worked at Worcester Walmart easy access to married men lol she’s a sloot like her well known mom This girl likes to falsely accuse people of doing things, that never happen when she doesn’t know the whole story purely out of hate and jealousy. My husband is a dog and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly when he chose this filthy skank over his beautiful wife!

She’s a dirty sloot who has 4 kids with multiple nanny daddy’s She’s a low life slore who ruined my marriage , my family. She’s an alcoholic sloot who leaves her kids home on the weekends to drink & take guys back to her house with her kids home. This low life and shell of a woman has no shame is trying to steal your man and will go to great lengths to try and tear you’re family apart.

Delusionally she thought he was going to come back to her after i found out and leave me.

Actually he was so relieved to be out from under her vindictive, manipulating, psychotic thumb he was happier, slept better his levels of anxiety were down.

Unfortunately Men are dumb and think with their d1cks, but they eventually smarten up!

Beware of this troll who is only attractive when using Snapchat filters!

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