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In the United States, we see the benefits of a comprehensive sex education in numerous states, compared to states which teach abstinence only.Massachusetts, which teaches comprehensive sex-ed, sees teenage pregnancies and rates of STDs that are much lower than Mississippi, which opted for ignorance.

I intend to speak at these sessions, and I will demand that the most up-to-date information be placed in the new curriculum.

One on Twitter even said, to somebody else, “how can (you) support modern sex ed as a parent? I support the 2015 health curriculum because it taught what my children needed to make safe, informed choices.

I further find that when these proponents are asked to name a particular clause in the curriculum that they find distasteful, many refuse, or cite something that isn’t actually in the new curriculum.

It means what you want it to, which is one of the reasons people love the term: It actually can be wonderfully private.

You can say you hooked up with somebody, and who knows what really happened? Interactions on dating apps only rarely lead to in-person meet-ups.

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