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Inspired by Sagan (recording an EEG meant to be the sound of someone falling in love), Alex talks about wanting to record same-sex couples or people French-kissing.

Alex is a bubbly, cheerful voice, eager to try new experiences and make friends. He's perceptive and very creative, particularly when he muses on how life on other planets might look, behave, and feel.

-- the first young adult novel by Jack Cheng -- is told through transcripts of recordings by 11-year-old Alex, a bright, resilient Filipino-American boy who travels alone with his dog from Colorado to New Mexico.

Alex befriends several adults who help him extend his trip to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles as he discovers information about his late father.

The novel deals with messy family history including infidelity, mental illness, emotional abuse, and neglect.

There's also a lot of science and history: Alex is recording diary entries on a "Golden i Pod" he hopes to send into space just like his hero, Carl Sagan, sent the Voyager Golden Records in 1977.

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