Sheffield speed dating uk

‘It would have been nice not to be judged on something so inconsequential, it’s not as though I’ve got “moron” inked across my face.’ ‘Years ago, I decided to try speed dating. ‘Later, my friend, who was in the round after mine, revealed that they had all told her how mean the previous girl had been. ‘Last week, I went to a speed dating event where one of the female guests had brought her mum along.

‘I’m not big on mummy issues.’ ‘I’ve been to over 40 speed dating nights.‘After a few rounds, the host gently suggested that the mother leave the room, but by then the damage was already done.‘It was incredibly weird, and I don’t think the poor girl got any matches.‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.His hair was all over the place, and her make-up was smudged.

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