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However, by making Prentice such an impeccable, can’t-do-any-wrong dream of a character, the pushback in response to his impending union with Joanna Drayton (Katherine Houghton) makes even more believable.The tandem’s mothers are supportive of the couple’s walk down the aisle, while their fathers offer a more sobering view of the mammoth resistance and struggle they will most certainly face as a married couple. (1991) Spike Lee’s incendiary, dramatic dissection of interracial relationships is at times hilarious, cringe-worthy, hopeful and brutally honest.

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But alas, , which became a major box office hit, was criticized by observers who called out the film’s tepid avoidance of the sexual elephant in the room.Meanwhile, Margot Seaton (Dorothy Dandridge), who works as a Black clerk, catches the eye of a White governor’s aide.Given the era, you can pretty much guess that things do not end well. (2001) Halle Berry’s Oscar-winning vehicle is also one of the most controversial films of the also getting notice for Smith’s noteworthy costar, the effortlessly easy on the eyes Margot Robbie. In the late ’60s, Calogero’s Bronx ’hood is experiencing full on integration, sparking tension and violence between Whites and Blacks, as mutually smitten Calogero and Jane struggle to go forward in their complex reality. Beyond that, the plot is pretty much standard stuff: successful, career-obsessed and still single woman (Lathan’s Kenya Mc Queen) is looking for some much needed romance. Kenya’s friends and family disapprove of their budding relationship. (2014) The punch line to this smart, scathing, laugh-inducing send-up of collegiate life, set in the predominately White college Winchester University, could have been handled as a cheap stunt.Surprisingly, this is Smith’s first true onscreen romance with a white woman (no, the 2008 superhero comedy doesn’t really count). But when she agrees to go out on a blind date, she’s shocked to discover that her would-be beau is on the very light (light! And Brian’s own reluctance to discuss issues of race sabotages things. Instead, the satiric , which puts the spotlight on Black students handling the pressures and politics of being the minority on an Ivy League campus, sticks the landing.

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