Stages in the dating process

Love Stage #1 - The Passionate Beginning The first stage of love is what most people think of when they think of falling in love.

This is the stage where you meet and begin to have feelings for one another.

While the feelings of love are many natural, people don't understand that love will move through several stages.

If you bail too early, you will never achieve the place of lasting true love.

If a healthy relationship is worth it, making room for discovery makes sense.

If you’re willing to turn “like” to , discovering discomfort is important.

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Getting acquainted happens over time, but establishing a foundation means putting a better foot forward—this may turn the tides of casual dating to something more meaningful.

There’s nothing like dinner with friends to show healthy love does not happen in a vacuum.

Beyond a nearly unanimous vote that in-person dialogue for likers and lovers is invaluable, conscious partners need to understand how to use other ways of communication that isn’t limited to 140 characters.

For quality connections, maybe its not about the destination, it’s about the .

Being carefree and only invested in the moment can be a deal breaker for a love interest with a long-term relationship in mind.

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