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That person knew what he was doing, because a healthy throng of people migrates directly from the theater to the bar, and as the first comic goes up its standing room only.The crowd is large; they are drinking, relaxing, and most importantly, laughing. ◊♦◊ When I hit my contracted time I’m tempted to linger and extend the show.I am telling my wife of the competition, and she shoots the quote opened this blurb my way.I smile into the phone and tell her that no matter what happens, I’m OK with it.Maybe she has been drinking, maybe she is truly overcome with emotions too troubling to hold in, but soon she is reduced to a refrain of “Thank you… It would be unfair of me to impose my will upon her in response to the current situation.your words about supporting our troops meant so much. thank you…” A large part of me wants to give her a hug, draw her tightly to me as if my embrace could somehow give her a moment’s respite from the pain. And therein lay my second reason for not reaching out: when I am overcome with emotion I absolutely do not want to be touched.

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or even worse, dejected souls who have run through their money and are drinking away their losses. REO Speedwagon is playing the main theater, making me realize I went my whole life without knowing that Northern Michigan is where rock goes to die.

I prefer being left to my own devices to deal with whatever going through, and physical contact repulses me in the moment. As I do not know her specific kinks, I do not invade her personal space.

In the end, all I can do is offer a free CD, telling her the material she enjoyed is on the disc.

I have flown over mountaintops in open-door helicopters, the air so frigid I began to turn numb.

I have waited countless hours in airports and on planes, done shows in awkward, improvised locations, and slept in the worst of beds with the most-stinky of sleeping bags. But when a man or woman whose life is on the line every single day, who has been stationed far from home for months or years takes hold of my hand, looks me dead in the eye and thanks I do my best to listen to the woman telling me how important it is to the men and women serving that they are remembered, but am torn.

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