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I'm a mid-twenties straight female, and I live in the South Tampa/Hyde Park.It seems pretty easy to meet people at the gym, grocery store, bar, etc. Also found it really easy to meet people when I did club sports too.You really need to see the area and get a feel for it to determine where you are going to fit in, and there is a spot for everyone.I personally love So Ho, although at the age of 28 I wouldnt mind dating someone for real.Tired of the dinner-and-movie routine, I cooked up a plan for an exciting weekend getaway for me and my husband after I read a feature filled with out-of-the-ordinary itineraries in the Visit Tampa Bay Official Visitors Guide.I looked forward to the adventure I had planned all week, and when Saturday rolled around, we got dressed up and headed toward the bright lights of downtown Tampa.True, bars are low key, hoodies and shorts type of place where you can hang out with friends over few beers.I still need to hit Mac D's sometime as somehow i never managed to get in that place, other places always intrique me first. all you can drink from 5-8 on Fridays.

Teamwork and problem solving are required, and I was ready for the challenge.

A dating site will not provide you a true depection of what the singles scene here is like. If you are fit, trendy, and decent looking, you'll be fine in So Ho, which can be rather competitive.

Outlying suburbs and St Pete have a less trendy scene.

So Ho doesnt seem to be the spot to find a "girlfriend".

Put on your six pack, affliction shirt, some gel and you should be fine at Soho bars, otherwise bring your own date Join sports club to meet some new people, they are friendly around here and if you are not the shy type, you should have no issues finding someone to hang out with. I recently switched from gel to pomade, so I am not rocking the douche hair anymore. I recently switched from gel to pomade, so I am not rocking the douche hair anymore.

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