The web became a sexists

The potential emotional overheads of online presence as a female-identified human today are enormous.

The fact that those overheads are survivable does not make them just.

But the fact that this question keeps coming up is deeply political, because the question of whether danger exists obscures the more important matter of how we respond to it.

Do we encourage girls to stay meekly offline, while the men build a beautiful future for them to keep clean? Teenage girls are a perennial target of technological concern-trolling – ‘what will this weirdscape of social sexting, selfies and outraged hashtags mean for their fragile pubescent morality?

Her brother was given a suspended sentence, community service and was made to go on a course by the police, which Charley says doesn't feel like justice."When I was scrolling through the feed, one of my pictures was blown up and put onto a white wall by a projector and there was a male standing next to it, naked, masturbating to my picture.

It features prominent feminists, such as Germaine Greer, concluding that modern misogyny is exacerbated by modern technology.

When I was interviewed for the programme, I was asked whether I thought the internet was a dangerous place for women. I’ve been asked whether the internet is intrinsically bad for girls by journalists, by concerned parents, and occasionally by young women themselves – desperate to write, code and participate online but are worried that if they do, they’ll face consequences they might not be able to cope with.

More than anything else, it is the internet that has enabled women, girls and allies across the globe to come together in solidarity, to raise our voices collectively, to enunciate how much is left to be done, to demand respect, to imagine other worlds. When women are harassed and bullied off the internet, they are being driven away from the use of the most powerful tool they have to change their world – our world.

When examples are made out of girls who participate online, it is because that participation is a clear and present threat to the stale old social order.

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