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Older children may even feel embarrassed by a parent's involvement in a romantic relationship, according to Missouri, while younger children may feel confused by the courtship process.

It's common for children to experience jealousy when a parent begins dating.

Furthermore, a child may feel that the new lover is trying to step into their other parent's place, potentially leading to rebellion and bitterness.

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Anxiety is a common emotion for children when their parents begin dating.Children between the ages of 5 and 10 may be especially possessive of a mother who begins dating, according to Missouri A child may be upset that a date is taking up a parent's time and attention.It may be difficult for divorced parents to understand the intense emotions their decision to see other people stirs in their children, but learning the reasons behind these strong feelings will help ease the transition into dating.Seeing their parents dating can leave many children feeling confused and anxious.

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