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Unfortunately, Skype users liked the app because it offered a sophisticated chat experience – they weren’t looking for a clone of Snapchat.While there’s a Microsoft Skype for Business app available, it’s part of Microsoft Office 365 and will cost extra to download.

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To make way for these, let’s face it – pretty pointless – changes, Skype has removed a range of key elements, such as the ability to clearly see who’s online, and who isn’t.

The list of contacts isn’t even alphabetized (it would have killed someone to call the system sort function? I wish who ever ruined it could be eliminated from the earth. The number of morons is already too high: we do not need super-morons!!! I was one of the thousands who lost 10 years of data in that fiasco. They freeze Word along with all your existing Word files and since it is all connected, my Canon scanner and laser jet printer won’t work. I connected them to an old computer and they work fine.

) and can’t be restricted to those currently on line anymore. But because MS has locked up Word and its connections, printer and scanner won’t work on this machine.

While there are probably a few people out there who share that (rare) point of view, it seems that complaints and one-star reviews are the norm for the newest Skype. Just because they made it touch friendly does means its better in all other sense too. The functionality effectively taken away is the PAID functionality (calling regular phone numbers)!

Since the day it got installed, it freezes my laptop laptop randomly, mutes my microphones with out asking me. If I ever stumble on a prospect candidate software engineer who had anything to do with this project I most likely be inclined NOT to give a hiring recommendation! I loaded the new Skype, it’s a piece of crap, functionality is rubbish and what the hell are all these bots?

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