Updating a tomtom one

Maybe this is the way that the Dutch conduct business in general.

I have since ordered a used Garmin from e Bay with the latest updates.

Instead, I'll buy one that is anything other than Tom Tom.

They are complete junk now and I will never buy another one.If they wanted to pay a team to "dumb down" their current maps to the standard of 10 years ago, they could.It would just be horribly inefficient to make their new maps worse. Just provide updated maps with the same amount/detail of data as before - I think everyone agrees that it is not newly built roads that make the maps too large. It works now, and there is no reason that it should suddenly stop working.I added a 16GB card in addition to the 4GB internal memory, but I still have issues assigning storage. It's never been up to date with road trips, no matter how many times we've updated.Had some problems with another Tom Tom after updating so very leery, when the latest email came in for offering a last time update.

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