Updating current record oracle

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updating current record oracle-10

for ex:- I have 10 records in line level.i want to focus my cursor on perticular like (5th record) how to possible in form. Thanks for your reply, I have 1000 lines in the form but one time it is showing 8 lines in the form.If a program determines order of evaluation, then at the point where the program does so, its behavior is undefined.If the number of elements is specified, it is the maximum number of elements in the collection.If the number of elements is unspecified, the maximum number of elements in the collection is the upper limit of the index type.Example 5-1 Associative Array Indexed by String This example defines a type of associative array indexed by string, declares a variable of that type, populates the variable with three elements, changes the value of one element, and prints the values (in sort order, not creation order).

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