Updating mrtv

Imagine sitting in a car and looking through a windshield that had not been cleaned in weeks.No matter what you see outside, the same areas will look dirty and you wish you could simply clean the windshield.Unfortunately, the HP Reverb panels do suffer from Mura and that is a problem that cannot be fixed by software updates.Mura will be visible in bright scenes with large areas of the same color, just like in the Windows Cliff House.TLDW: perfect sim headset with STUNNING visuals, good sweetspot, supreme comfort.Downsides: Mura in homochromatic scenes that does not affect actual games though, being able to see edges of display if headset is tilted, NOT 114° FOV for sure, more in line with Rift/Vive, worse than Odyssey FOV.

The HP Reverb will make your XPlane 11, DCS, Project Cars 2 sessions look as good as on no other device right now.

Intro Despite its looks the HP Reverb belongs to the Windows Mixed Reality line of VR headsets.

However as opposed to the very first generation of Win MR headsets, this time HP developed all the components by themselves instead of relying on Microsofts run-of-the-mill components.

However in 2019 it feels kind of outdated when compared to the Oculus inside-out trakcking of the Rift S and Quest, featuring 5 and 4 cameras respectively.

Display / Lenses / FOVLet's have a look at the most exciting part of the headset: the high resolution displays, the custom made lenses and the claimed higher FOV.

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