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If it was a DR or BDR, it would also belong to the group “OSPFDesignated Routers”.

Viewing the OSPF neighbors on a router is also a valid way to check this configuration: [email protected]:~$ show ip ospf neighbor Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 2-Way/DROther 37.485s eth.1.1.1 1 2-Way/DROther 33.953s eth.1.1.1 1 Full/Backup 33.871s eth.1.1.1 1 Full/DR 30.955s eth.1.1.1 This output verifies our findings, and lists all four OSPF neighbors adjacent to R1.

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I was inspired by a (relatively) recent post by Jeremy Stretch at that explained OSPF designated router configuration in Cisco IOS.

This model allows for efficiency of routing updates and prevents unnecessary flooding.

I’ve already shown how easy it is to integrate a Cisco router with a Vyatta router using OSPF, so you can use a mix of Cisco and Vyatta gear if you wish.Observe the following diagram: In this network, all five routers are connected to the same layer 2 segment via a central switch.If one of these routers were to experience an outage of some kind, perhaps a link to a network outside of this diagram were to go down, it would immediately send an update to all other OSPF routers, notifying them of the change.The DR will, in turn distribute the update to the non-DR routers.The BDR is just a backup, it acts as a non-DR router unless the DR goes offline.

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