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News of this shocked her family and ruined her relationship with Rafe.Cheerleading is not a sport reserved solely for squads of women in skirts.This deception among her parents strained their credibility for her.She began to act up, getting involved in bootlegging CDs and other misdemeanors.Seeing that she was out of control, her mother decided it would be best if she was sent away to juvenile detention.Once there, she befriended Ashlee and met Rafe, with whom she started a relationship.

This ended when she confessed her feelings for him, drugged him and almost killed him in a fire.

Quickly, she settled into life with Harley and Phillip, but plotted all the time to unite Harley with her adoptive father Jim.

This plan failed, but it brought Jim to Springfield where he began dating Beth.

They resumed their relationship, despite everyone's objections.

When she lost her virginity to him, she became pregnant and quickly had an abortion.

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