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Scape OK means you don't even have the torrent turned "on".

What is the nonprofit status of the Internet Archive?Here's your handy cheat sheet: Torrent: Lazy linguists sometimes substitute Torrent in place of Bit Torrent, but it actually has a definition all its own.A torrent is a small metadata file usually just a few kilobytes in size.You need to turn the torrent on in order to try to seed.(However, as already pointed out, even it it was turned on, there are 0 leechers and you can't seed a show with no leechers.) Five's Checksums Demystified - everything and anything you want to know about checksums On a Mac? Please see this guide - X Lossless Decoder (XLD): How to create flawless CD rips on Mac OS X Keep in mind, though - it might have no leechers right now, but come back a few days later and it may have picked up some more interest and may then be in need of seeders (e.g.

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