Webbrowser documenttext not updating how to start an internet dating conversation

I need to get the source code from a website, which is structured in frames.

I already have a Windows Forms Application which has the Web Browser function integrated into it.

So far as I know and I search some artical about this question.

The reason Why I need a dummy web Browser control where I can strip the path for the images I am updating my real web browser control for whatever is in my database even the path .

The only way how the webbrowser control can add the new path is trhough the double click in the links.

That works great but now , I am trying to edit the web Browser and save the change back to the Database.

The edditing tool need to be able to add pictures and delete them, thanks to another experts I get to resolve that issue just adding a path to the picture: The way that my HTML code pick a images is using this path: My application read this and change the src path appointing to a folde in my desktop with the images: SRC="file://C:\Documents and Settings\cwy07\Desktop\ima That work great, It show up all the images, But .big BUT, when I need to click the button save, I need to go for each element and strip them out and change againg the path to: And that is where the problem is , If I Save this, the Web Browser Control with pick up the information from my database and It won't show the pictures because they have the path without the fle://C:\Documents and Settings\cwy07\Desktop\ima So my solution is to create a Clone of MYWEBBROWSERCONTROL where I can set and get the content of my MYWEBBROWSERCONTROL and play with it without changing anything inside my webbrowser contorll.

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